• Prototype Assembly Service

Electronic Prototype Service (EPS)

Entech's prototype assembly service offers a dedicated prototype circuit board assembly facility which provides advanced manufacturing and inspection technologies.

This facility provides R&D teams with an express service for the assembly and inspection of prototypes, thus reducing the “time to market” for your new product. The “time to market” is a critical factor in reducing R&D costs and realising the potential of a new product. As such, the 24 hour service is a significant benefit to design and development groups.

EPS specialises in low volume electronic assembly with a focus on advanced manufacturing technology. The facility provides PCB, BGA, µBGA and Fine Pitch Rework facilities. This service is complemented with more conventional SMD and Through Hole assembly.

Ask about our design for manufacture (DFM) report available when we produce your prototype assembly, helping your transition to volume manufacture and market availability as smooth as possible.

Our Capabilities

  • IPC-A-610 Class 2 and Class 3
  • BGA, µBGA and Fine Pitch Loading
  • BGA Rework Facility
  • SMD packages down to 0201
  • Manual component placement
  • Reflow facility
  • Wave Soldering
  • Fine Pitch Rework Stations
  • Through Hole assembly
  • Component supply (Procurement/ex stock where available)
  • Bare PCB supply (Express service)
  • Stencil supply (Express service)
  • In-house X-Ray inspection facilities
  • Optical inspection (Ersa Scope)

*The 24 hour prototype assembly service is conditional on the receipt of a complete component kit and all relevant information.

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