Entech Electronics: A Manufacturing Hub for Design Studios and Product Companies 

A Manufacturing Hub for Design Studios and Product Companies

With your trust, Entech Electronics has become one of the biggest contract manufacturers in the ANZ region. We started in 1986 with bare board manufacturing and product design and, over the years, moved to PCBA and turnkey assembly

In 2017, however, we discontinued our design services to focus our efforts solely on manufacturing and related services. This move aimed to optimise supply chain and manufacturing costs to make it more accessible to startups and SMEs in Australia and NZ. In addition, focusing solely on manufacturing allowed us to reduce costs and improve time to market for product companies and design studios that rely on our support.

We wanted to share this humbling experience, documenting how this decision helped us better serve our design partners and customers.

Our Network of Design Studios in ANZ

We attribute our design capabilities to our strong relations with design studios across New Zealand and Australia. Entech works in collaboration with over 40 design studios in the ANZ region. We work closely with these design experts to determine the best layouts and components and develop the most practical designs for cost-efficient production.

Entech also offers Design for Manufacturing (DFM) services starting from the early product development stage for cost optimisation and to speed up time-to-market. These services include determining the right design and engineering practices, selecting the most relevant components, and carrying out the manufacturing processes with the most accessible parts depending on the current supply chain conditions.

Entech can serve as a hub that connects design studios, parts manufacturers, parts distributors, certifying bodies, testing studios, accelerators, universities, research institutions, and logistic companies. We believe our clients can benefit from the expertise, network, and skills we have developed over the years.

Benefits of Working with Entech

The latest Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and Westpac Survey of Industrial Trends revealed that despite the increase in orders, manufacturing input costs are currently the highest they’ve been since 2008. This is due to high material and labour costs caused by the post-COVID recovery drive. Other factors leading to this are the surge in energy costs, iron & steel prices, and the global component shortage.

With the experience of completing over 3000 projects over the last 35 years, we help local businesses minimise production costs and maximise their business value to stay competitive in the global market.

Expert Support

At Entech, we handle over 140 manufacturing projects of different scales and complexities every month. The extensive knowledge acquired by these projects helps us provide valuable inputs on DFM. With the length and breadth of experience in electronics manufacturing, we leverage the latest manufacturing techniques and processes for efficient fabrication, optimal use of resources, and quality results. 

Being involved in the industry for so long, we have access to the latest and authentic information on the supply chain conditions. This capability allows us to quickly determine fluctuations in the cost or availability of specific components. Based on these insights, we share our input for DFA (design for availability) with design studios so that they can better understand the component availability or plan for alternative parts. 

Faster Time-to-Market

As a production studio, we always strive to bring products to the market sooner by reducing the design cycle time. Through early inputs to designers before and during the design stage, we ensure that revisions are minimised later during the production stage. 

At Entech, we also like to provide Design for Testing (DFT) inputs to reduce the complexity and cost associated with testing semiconductors. Consequently, it helps reduce the time required on a tester or design iterations required to achieve acceptable test coverage or yield.

Proper Documentation

Clear and transparent documentation gives product owners and designers greater control over their designs and the overall process. Moreover, when design and manufacturing entities work as separate entities, every tiny detail will be formally documented, making the designs more accessible during revisions. Experience has shown that products manufactured by the designer often breeds poor documentation habits leaving the IP owner trapped in a costly relationship. Good documentation helps customers confidently switch to a different contract manufacturer or design studio if the existing one is unreliable.

Partner with Entech Electronics

At Entech, we believe in keeping ourselves updated with the latest technologies and approaches in the manufacturing world and sharing the same knowledge with our design partners and clients. With three purchasing offices across three locations, we enhance your supply chain strength and elevate the product quality. Our broad manufacturing experience and network of design studios allow us to share extensive knowledge with designers on what is available before they even start the design! Contact us to know more about our world-class electronic manufacturing and support services.

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Entech Electronics

Entech Electronics

Australian owned contract manufacturing.
Manufacturing in South Australia since 1986, Entech Electronics specialises in the contract manufacturing of electronic products and complex sub-assemblies.

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