Prototype PCB

At Entech, we understand the purpose of prototyping. That’s why we guarantee production quality prototype Printed Circuit Board assemblies. We also understand the importance of getting your product to market quickly.

Our process

Speak to Entech early in your design program and ask us how our DFM advise can enhance program delivery outcomes.

Our prototype capabilities come with a full compliment of high end assembly equipment including vapour phase reflow, uBGA placement equipment, 3D X-Ray and ERSA scope inspection ensuring we deliver quality with confidence in our workmanship.

Set up in a dedicated prototyping cell, enabling off-line flexibility and full BOM supply services for the engineer who values their time.

Ask us about our pre-production and pilot manufacturing services to fast track your product launch.

Getting ready for mass production? Let our experienced production engineers review your product to optimise manufacturing.


Our Proto capabilities include, but are not limited to;

  • Tin lead and lead free processing.
  • D/S and S/S SMT and PTH assembly.
  • Through Hole Assembly.
  • Fine Pitch QFP and CSP placement.
  • BGA and µBGA placement
  • Chip components to 0201.
  • Large PCB sizes catered for.
  • Mixed technology assembly.
  • Full BOM supply from factory authorised distributors
  • DFM reviews and advice

IoT device development is growing at an exponential rate. So ask us what we can do for you, to help get your product to market quickly.

Leap-frog the sales guys, and contact your proto technician directly on or +61 8 8245 6705.

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