PCB Assembly

Entech Electronics offer PCB Assembly services for those customers who don’t need us to assemble their complete product.

Our process

We facilitate low volume / Prototype PCB Assembly through to  high volume / mass production through multiple production facilities.

We can perform PCB Assembly to IPC-A 610 Class 2 or Class 3 as per your requirements. Our multiple quality management systems encompass both electronics assembly (PCB Assembly) and electro-mechanical assembly (turn-key product assembly).

Entech’s end-to-end supply chain and product life cycle management provides our clients with a primary point of accountability that constitutes a low risk pathway to product realisation.


Our PCB Assembly service includes:

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Component procurement & storage.
  • Surface Mount Assembly (SMT) .
  • Plated Through-hole Assembly (PTH).
  • Quality Control.
  • Testing & Programming.
  • Packaging & delivery.
  • Warranty and complete product traceability.
  • PCBA through life support.
  • Engineering support.

Our technical capabilities are as follows:

  • Lead & lead free (RoHS Compliant) assembly
  • 0.4mm pitch BGA
  • 0201 component placement
  • Single or double sided SMT assembly
  • (SPI) Automatic solder paste inspection
  • 3D X-Ray inspection
  • 100% Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Conformal Coating
  • Functional Testing
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