Social responsibility and ethical trade practices

The Entech Group of companies is 100% committed to social responsibility and ethical trade practices across all of our offices and manufacturing plants.
In October, as a part of this commitment we engaged Intertek to undertake a SMETA audit of our Shenzhen manufacturing facility to provide an impartial view on our practices.
The audit included Labour Standards, Health & Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. The SMETA Best Practice Version 6.1 (March 2019) was applied and the scope included direct employees, agency workers, workers employed by service providers and workers provided by other contractors.
More specifically the audit scope was against the following reference documents;
2-Pillar SMETA Audit
• ETI Base Code (internationally recognised set of labour standards)
• SMETA Additions
• Universal rights covering UNGP (United Nations guiding principles)
• Management systems and code implementation,
• Responsible Recruitment
• Entitlement to Work & Immigration,
• Sub-Contracting and Home working,
4-Pillar SMETA
• 2-Pillar requirements plus
• Additional Pillar assessment of Environment
• Additional Pillar assessment of Business Ethics
• The Supplier Code of Conduct
We are pleased to have passed the audit successfully and look forward to receiving our official certificate soon.

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