the vital role of ECNs and revision control systems in Electronic product manufacturing

ECNs and Electronic Product Manufacturing In the dynamic world of electronic product manufacturing, efficiency, precision, and adaptability are paramount. To meet these demands, engineers and manufacturers employ a range of tools and processes to ensure the highest quality and functionality of their products. One such indispensable tool is the Engineering Change Note (ECN), a document […]

DFM Essentials – Laying the Foundations for Manufacturing Success

Design for Manufacturing

This is no way intended to be comprehensive DFM advise, but more of a short list of things we commonly see in day-to-day contract manufacturing that can often save time and money for all stakeholders. It is with no doubt the continual evolution of EDA design tools such as Altium has helped design engineers produce […]

Entech Electronics: A Manufacturing Hub for Design Studios and Product Companies 

A Manufacturing Hub for Design Studios and Product Companies

With your trust, Entech Electronics has become one of the biggest contract manufacturers in the ANZ region. We started in 1986 with bare board manufacturing and product design and, over the years, moved to PCBA and turnkey assembly.  In 2017, however, we discontinued our design services to focus our efforts solely on manufacturing and related […]

Selecting a Contract Manufacturer Amidst the Global Component Shortage

Selecting a Contract Manufacturer Amidst the Global Component Shortage

Electronic manufacturers have unique supply and demand dynamics that have been worsened by the recent pandemic. As a result, regular price increases and order delays are a standard now for commodities like MCUs and fab-based electronic parts. Less supply and increased demand are pushing semiconductor suppliers to record heights. Along with increased demand, long-standing difficulties […]


SMETA Certificate

Social responsibility and ethical trade practices The Entech Group of companies is 100% committed to social responsibility and ethical trade practices across all of our offices and manufacturing plants. In October, as a part of this commitment we engaged Intertek to undertake a SMETA audit of our Shenzhen manufacturing facility to provide an impartial view on our practices. […]

2021 IOT Manufacturing Award Winner

Manufacturing Award

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been voted as the winner of the 2021 Manufacturing Award by the IoT Alliance Australia! To quote Darren Hungerford “Manufacturing in Australia is a different paradigm to overseas. We have a higher labour cost market and we need to leverage technology to compete. Entech absolutely compete on cost and were able […]

Case Study: Entech Electronics Reduces the Cost of Manufacturing for Respiri’s ‘Wheezo’

Design for Manufacture. A case study on how Entech Electronics supported the Respiri Limited engineering team to reduce the production cost of their Award-Winning product “Wheezo”. Executive Summary Respiri Limited, a Melbourne-based eHealth Software as a Service (SaaS) company, was seeking to introduce their new innovative medical product named ‘Wheezo’ into the Australian market. Respiri […]

How Entech Electronics Supports Supply Chain Resilience for ANZ Manufacturers

As a foreword to the report Make It Happen: The Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, Hon. Karen Andrew, the former Minister of Industry, mentions that: “History has shown that through Adversity, greatness can be borne. As Australians, it’s something we know all too well.” She adds that “by fundamentally addressing supply chain issues, not just […]